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 30 Minutes In Emo Heaven (one-shot)

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PostitaminePealkiri: 30 Minutes In Emo Heaven (one-shot)   Laup Sept 04, 2010 4:26 am




There's a party at your best friend's (me) house. We're playing 30 minutes in emo heaven. It's your turn to pick. You pull out a lipring.

"Lipring!" you yell.

A really hot guys walks into the closet. He has black hair with one blue stripe. And blue eyes.

You walk into the closet and I lock the door.

"30 minutes!" I say out loud.

You see him sitting on the floor, looking down.

"Hi, I'm _ ," you say to him.

He nods, "Alex".

"Cool, " you go and sit in the corner.

You two are quiet for about 5 minutes. Then he finally says, "_ , sorry, but is it okay if we don't do anything?"

Alex looks at you, sadness in his eyes.

"Yeah, sure," you tell him nodding, "I wasn't planning on doing anything anyway."

He smiles a sad smile.

"Can we at least talk?" you say after 2 minutes of silence, "The silence is killing me".

"Mhm, what ya wanna talk about?" Alex flips his hair.

You bite your lip and think.

" about yourself," you say while moving a little closer to him.

He flips his hair again and you hand him his lipring.


"Thanks," Ales smiles and puts it back on.

"'m 18, I live on my own, in my awesome apartment," he smirks, "and my girlfriend broke up with me few days ago," he looks down.

"Sorry," you say feeling sad for him. What a bitch, you thought.

"It's okay, I'm fine" . Alex bites his lip and looks around the closet.

You follow his gaze.

"Well, now it's your turn," he smiles.

You stay quiet. You don't know what to tell him.

"Hey you can trust me." he looks you in the eyes. After half a minute of silence, you say,

"I'm 17, live with my parents and little brother who's 14. I go to (school name) and I love music...and skittles," you grin.

You put your hand in the pocket and pull out the money.

"I want some skittles!" you yell jumping up.

Alex starts to laugh.

"Fine, let's go buy some skittles," he stands up, "but you have to give half of them to me," he smirks his sexy smirk. What?! It is sexy!

I open the door and yell, " Time's up sweathearts, get your fat asses out of my awesome closet.

You all laugh. Alex takes your hand and pulls you out. Still laughing you go with him.

You both buy skittles and share with eachother. You two hang out for a bit, but then you have to go home.

*2 months later*

You and Alex are like best friends. (Don't forget me). You hang out a lot. I'm surprised you aren't dating yet, cause obviously you like eachother.

Like every other day since the party Alex is waiting for you in front of your locker.

"Hey _, wazap? Are you ready for the history test?" he smiles while you open your locker and get your books.

"Yeah...I think. I mean I studied and all but I don't know...," you say looking at the ground.

Alex takes your hand and you look up at him.

"You'll do great," he says. Then he does something that surprises you. Alex kisses you on the lips.

You automatically kiss back. You've waited for this so long. You have to admit, Alex's an amazing kisser. You loved every seconds of it.

After 5 seconds he pulls away.

"I'm sorry _ ," he says sadness in his tone, "I don't know why I did this, I'm sorry."

"Don't be," you tell him, trying to hide your smile, which doesn't go well.

Alex looks at you again. His eyes are full of surprise, happiness and confusion.

"Really? You don't mind if I kiss you?" he askes hope in his voice.

"No, I love it," you say grinning like a fool.

"I like it when you blush," Alex slowly touches your cheek. Of course he's smiling.

You blush more and look at the ground.

After few seconds of silence, Alex says, still touching your cheek,

"I really like you _ , no I think I'm in love with you," his voice is full of love, happiness and a little bit fear.

"I love you too, Alex" you blush and look in his eyes. You two look at eachother and smile. Or is this a grin ?

You both lean in and kiss once more.

After few minutes, I come and say,

"Aww, you're finally together," I smile.

You pull apart and look at me. Then at each other.

"Yeah," you two say at the same time.

Alex leans in again and peck you on the lips softly and lovingly.


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30 Minutes In Emo Heaven (one-shot)
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